YRS Everywhere FAQ

How do we find 50 local coding kids?

The team in the UK will work with you during the months ahead of the weekend to help identify and recruit these young people. It is where most of the work goes in the first year of running this, but once the founding 50 have been through an event, it gets much easier

Do we have to pay for this?

There are fixed costs for running these events, some of them can be donated such as space to hold the event, pizza, drinks and so on, but there are other costs that will need to be covered. We will raise money centrally to cover some of these and will work in-country to raise local sponsorship for the rest. It will depend on the organisations we are working with, so it will be different for each region.

How much resource (#people) will regions need to provide?

There is a sliding scale we use to work this out with each region, and things will become clearer once we have run several of these, but there will be at least one full time person needed for the four weeks in advance of the weekend – working with the YRS team in the UK.