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PR for the Festival of Code provided by:


Izzy Lawrence (Compere)

izzy-headshot.jpgIzzy Lawrence is a creative scientist and technologist. She has recently joined the tech team at number 10 and is a science consultant at The World Bank. Her popular blog remixes style, science, music & tech and she is an advocate of hybrid creations between STEM and the arts. Izzy is regular contributor and panelist across TV, print and radio.

Aral Balkan

aral-headshot-high-res.jpgAral Balkan is an experience designer working to change the world by bringing design thinking to open source to create a new category of technology: design‐led open source. His latest initiative, Codename Prometheus aims to design open products that seamlessly combine hardware, software, and services to create beautiful experiences that compete with the likes of Apple in the consumer space. Being open, they also have a very important added benefit in a post‐PRISM world: you own your own data. Aral recently won Voice of the Year at the Critter awards for his talks at international conferences and sits on the board of Code Club.

Conrad Wolfram

conrad-headshot.jpgConrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician and technologist, is strategic director and European co-founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. Described as the place where "Computation meets Knowledge" and the "The Math Company", the Wolfram Group specializes in pushing boundaries at the intersection of computation, math, and knowledge, including making Mathematica software, the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine (powering knowledge answers for Apple's Siri), the new Computable Document Format (CDF) standard and the fortchoming Wolfram Language.

Ashley Williams

3d5ahmschyt2fk61ocyiqdifhdddw19x_twjyqaiszi.jpegAshley Williams is a web developer, who writes primarily in Ruby and Javascript. She is a huge proponent of open source and civic technology, and has built and contributed to numerous projects in those verticals. During the day, she serves as a professor at the Flatiron School, where she takes her students from zero to ruby web dev hero in 12 immersive weeks. In addition to that, she serves as the Co-organizer and Developer Captain for the NYC Code for America brigade, organizing sustainable open source communities that evangelize open data and build civic technology solutions.

Thomas Grassl

thomas-grassl.jpgThomas Grassl is responsible for SAP’s global developer outreach and evangelism programs. As an experienced marketer and developer at heart, he works closely with many developers and companies around the world to help them applying new technology innovations to solve complex business problems.