Information for Parents


The Festival of Code is an annual event for programmers aged 18 and under, that has taken place in the UK since 2009. The main FoC page has information on how the week works but here is a little bit more detail and reassurance for you.

It still runs with the principles of community, open source and open data and is ultimately about finding and fostering every child driven to teach themselves how to code. We want to prevent the isolation that often comes with learning to program, and create a network of young people supporting each other through learning and solving real world challenges.

Young Rewired State is led by Emma Mulqueeny, who is a Mum of two, a team of CRB-checked employees, vetted volunteers and part-time staff.

If your child wants to come along to the Festival of Code, we want to do everything we can to enable that and reassure you.

Check out our FAQs and if you would like to speak to someone about it, then please do use our contact pages to find out how to call, text or email us.