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Should you become a mentor?


The mentor community is a huge part of the success of the Festival of Code. Traditionally it has been drawn from the Rewired State network, but as the popularity of the week has grown, so has the mentor network.

Indeed some of you mentors will be YRS alumni and we hope that as the years go by, your number will grow at the same rate as new attendees.

The role of the mentor includes:

  • providing expertise in programming, design, presentation skills, agile, ideation, robotics, open data, open government data, graphics
  • assisting the centre lead in curating the room
  • assessing skills and encouraging collaboration

It is a gentle art of being sensitive to the needs of the YRSers in attendance, some will require encouragement, some will need to be left alone. As the event progresses it becomes about focus and preparation for presentations.

Mentors will also reach out beyond the room to people in their own networks who may be able to assist with specific challenges for their assigned centre.

Without mentors Young Rewired State would be a shadow of its former self, so if you can – sign up!

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Have a look at the Mentor FAQs for further information