Information for Centres

This page will be updated with information for centres, we advise you to read this page and the Q&A very carefully before signing up to be a centre for the Festival, it is a commitment not to be taken lightly, but the rewards will be mighty!

Roles of a centre Lead


Centres for the Festival of Code are organisations big or small across the UK (from 2014 they will be worldwide) capable of hosting at least six local young programmers for one week in the summer. That week is always the first week in August(apart from 2014.)

We are taking applications right now and up until the end of May 2014. At the end of June we will have confirmed all centres and will let you know if we are unable to accept you, and why. From June onwards we will assign Young Rewired Staters and mentors to you until you are full.

As a centre we will ask you to put forward a centre lead, this person will be the main communication point of contact for us and participants, and will bring the attendees up to the Festival weekend. It is very important that this person has the availability in the two weeks ahead of the Festival week to contact their assigned participants, and pass on the information we send out. This is usually two emails a week, but they will require handling queries from attendees.

Requirements for being a centre 


As well as space, which must be one single space where they can all be together, you will need:

  • wifi that they can access (we will help you in testing and preparing your wifi for this)
  • power for the participants to access
  • a person to be available as a contact lead for young people, mentors and Rewired State staff two weeks in advance of the week itself
  • a person to host the YRSers and mentors during the week itself (centre lead)
  • ideally your own in-house programming mentors, if not we will supply you with centrally-assigned mentors, this will depend on locality and availability
  • a person to organise the young people in your centre to get to the weekend location
  • a person to attend the weekend event and be responsible during the days for your assigned young people (please note that parents will attend and be responsible for those aged 13 and under, ages 14-18 will be there under your auspices, with written agreement from parents) centrally assigned CRB checked staff will handle overnight sleeping arrangements for the 14-17 year olds, the 18 year olds will sleep in a different area 

What you get out of it:

  • you are a part of the biggest growing network of young programmers, worldwide
  • publicity - we attract a lot of worldwide media attention, and in 2013 featured in live and recorded regional/National BBC Television, countless regional/National Newspapers, and regional/National radio - we have a PR team who will work with you to get the most out of being a centre
  • you will find your local coding youth
  • we promise to blow your minds
  • your organisation has access to the next generation of genius
  • your in-house programming staff get a chance to challenge their skills

See our Centre Q&A for further detailed information, or use our contact pages for specific queries.

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