Festival of Code 28 July 2014 - 3 August 2014


The Festival of Code is our annual celebration of everything code for those aged 18 and under. It occurs in regional centres all over the UK every year in the first full week of August (apart from 2014!), and ends with a long weekend where everybody comes together, showcasing the amazing achievements created during the week. This year, we wil be hosting the weekend event in Plymouth in partnership with i-DAT and Plymouth University Expect talks from awesome and influential people, live music, pizza, ice cream vans, gaming, table tennis, and coding!

It is the best way to get to know how we work and to become a part of the community, whether as a young person, mentor or host centre.


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The way it works

What happens during the week?


We will continue to add centres all across the UK until May. You can view our map of centres that have already registered here. After you sign up, YRS will approve you will assign you to your nearest local centre at some point before the end of June. Once you have been assigned to a centre, you may request to change to a different centre by emailing -


We will do our best to accommodate all requests. You will be at your local centre during the week. You will only stay at your centre during working hours, so you will not sleepover here. Once you have been assigned to your local centre, your centre lead will contact you letting you know your centre's daily hours, directions, and if free food will be provided or if you will have to pack your own.

At your local centre during the week, you will form groups with your peers(or you are welcome to work on your own.) Our awesome mentors will introduce you to open data sets, and will assist you with your projects. You can make games, apps, websites, or hardware, or whatever you like! You can use any type of programs or equipment that you want to bring along. You just must include at least one open data set in your project.

We do accept coders of all levels, but we ask that you do at least have a very basic understanding of HTML when you arrive for the Festival of Code. Although learning happens through peer to peer teaching and mentoring, the purpose of the Festival of Code is not to teach kids to code. Instead, it is to bring together a community of like-minded people for a fun week, where real world issues are solved by the projects that are built. We are all about fun, collaboration, and open data. 

What happens during the weekend?

On Friday, everyone from all the local centres across the UK will travel together for the weekend in Plymouth! 


You are responsible for the cost of your own travel, but your centre lead will assist you with travel plans.You will be provided with free  accommodation on campus during the weekend. 

You will spend the night in free accommodation on campus on Friday and Saturday night. Those aged 14 and older do not need a parent or gaurdian to accompany them for the weekend. Those 13 and under must have an adult to accompany them for the weekend. The parents attending with their kids will also receive free accommodation on campus. 

Friday night will include talks from industry professionals and will be hosted at the very cool and very modern University of Plymouth. On Saturday morning and afternoon, we will host our preliminary heats and semi final heats. This is also happening at the University of Plymouth. On Sunday, the finale will happen in the amazing arena Plymouth Pavilions. Friends, family members, and all YRSers are welcome to attend this to watch the finalists present their projects and to award the winners.

Basic Schedule:

Monday - Thursday

  • Young people gather in centres across the UK (from 2014 on this will include regions outside the UK)
  • We will introduce you to the sources of open data, from government and beyond
  • Prototype websites, algorithms and apps are built for presentation at the weekend


  • EVERYONE travels to the weekend Festival space at the University of Plymouth for an evening of talks from entreprenuers, industry experts, cool companies, and coding whizzes 
  • stay overnight in designated spaces on campus


  • Show and Tell Preliminary will commence, with allocated slots to centres running in concurrent heats streams in the morning to panels of judges, with the winners progressing to the Semi Finals
  • Show and Tell Semi Final will commence, with the winners in each category of the Preliminary Show and Tell competing to present at the Finals on Sunday
  • After the Semi Finals end, everyone will get together for an awesome chiptune concert featuring amazing artists, including @Pixelh8!


  • Semi Final heat winners announced
  • Heat winners present to Finale judging panel at the Plymouth Pavilions event space
  • Overall winners chosen/awards/celebration
  • Everyone goes home
It is very informal and there is plenty of opportunity to sit and code on your own or with others during the weekend. If you are uncomfortable on stage there is no pressure to present, but we will help you if you need or want some coaching.


Get Involved

If you would like to sign up for this year’s Festival of Code, use the button below; or find out more as a centre/mentor or parent.

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Have a look at the YRS YouTube channel to get an idea of what has happened at previous events


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