Emma Mulqueeny

Emma is the founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State: Coding a better country. She has been included in the 166th annual edition of Who’s Who, voted onto the Wired 100 list, Tech City 100, BIMA Hot 100 and has been voted one of the top ten women in technology by The Guardian. Emma writes regularly for the British Press and on her own blog, speaks on radio and on television, is well known for her campaign: ‘Year 8 is too Late’ (encouraging girls into technology subjects) and relentlessly pushing the potential of open data.


Matthew Applegate

Internationally renown chiptune musician, educator, published academic author, video game designer and PhD research student. Has run workshops, given lectures and performances all over the world. Since 2006 he has released three studio albums, two large scale musical works, four soundtracks and won several awards for both his music and design work. He is the founder of Creative Computer Club, CCC4Kids and Ipswich Game Developers Network. He is currently studying for his PhD in "Educational Music Technology" at De Montfort University in Leicester.


Kait Dunning

Kait Dunning is the Project Coordinator of Young Rewired State, the philanthropic arm of Rewired State.

With a background in Event Business Management and Entertainment, and previous work experience in the Hospitality World(and Walt Disney World,) technology seemed like an unlikely career path to follow.

However, after venturing from her home of sunny Florida and being introduced to the London tech scene in 2012, Kait has plunged headfirst into the tech world. She even decided to take on teaching herself to code, and she now considers herself to be "Geek Chic."

She is greatly inspired by the kids that are involved in Young Rewired State, and loves that she is able to travel around the world to assist with getting kids excited about open data, and coding and collaborating with their peers. She hopes to one day be as brilliant as her YRSers!


Thom Brooks

Thom Brooks is a Public Relations and Communications specialist at Rewired State and a member of the hack day team. Thom started off as a journalist but would eventually be drawn to the digital world.

Working at Rewired State and Young Rewired State, Thom has had a great start to his digital career working within the UK’s largest independent developer network, bringing about digital innovation and revolution through rapid prototyping events (hack days).

With degrees in both English and Media Studies, Thom bridges the gap between the two spheres and is an advocate for bettering digital communications. He is experienced in event organization, project management, marketing and communications.

Thom is passionate about building tangible, open networks for positive change through technology and creating solutions to real world problems with peer to peer learning at the heart of the community.


Ruth Nicholls

Ruth has shunned the customary inertia of student life and instead works part time for YRS whilst studying to become the next Elle Woods/Ally McBeal/any other sassy female lawyer stereotype. Her role at YRS consists of managing sponsorship, procuring and looking after our super shiny judges and doing YRS odd jobs. Designing YRS branded dog clothes ranks as her career highlight since being with us but the excitement of the Festival of Code comes a close second.


Tanya Leary

Tanya Leary is the Sponsorship and Partnership Lead for YRS. Tanya initially trained as a teacher but was drawn into supporting young people in care and those who had recently left care. Now a mum of two toddlers, Tanya is working at Young Rewired State on special projects and with the partnership team.

With a passion for working with young people, a teaching degree as well as a blog Tanya is excited about this next stage of working with young coders across the world.

You can follow Tanyas blog here


Debbie Wicks

Debbie Wicks is a Hack day lead at Rewired State and has lead many high profile hacks during her short time with the company including the three pronged multi country #followthedata with hack events in London, Nigeria and Australia. Debbie has been working with Rewired State for a year honing her skills in project organization and project management, before this Debbie studied Advertising and Brand communication at The University for the Creative arts. Debbie blends creativity and organization bringing a uniquely quirky and highly planned appeal to the hack days she hosts. Debbie relies on her degree often being called upon for quick designs for logos, banners and posters. Debbie is a huge fan or hacking for good and aims to one day produce a global hack where pools of developers can get together and code a better world.


Julia Higginbottom

Julia Higginbottom has joined the Rewired state team as a Hack/Mod Event Lead. She will be using her skills as a film, tv and event producer to bring a fresh, creative but organised approach to events for clients and organisations. Her experience leading event teams to deliver their very best, under tight time constraints should stand her in good stead. Julia originally trained as an accountant, but found herself in the TV Post production world shortly after moving from South Africa. She is known for being a political activist and has lobbied on Digital issues for many years, including the Digital Britain Report, and has been involved in supporting YRS since it's inception. She'll be dusting off her ancient coding skills of Basic and Cobol, and hopes to soon give the developers a run for their money, with an upgrade to whatever newfangled bits they might be using now!


Gideon Brett

Gideon is a computer science student at City University who rapidly builds web/mobile apps at hack days. He is now an intern at Rewired State helping to organise hacks of various different sizes with the other members of the Rewired State team. 

Gideon has been attending hack days for the past 3 years helping to build various apps large and small as well as a keen eye for languages, studying Korean of his own accord and having an interest in foreign movies, music and food.  


Kevin lewis

Kevin Lewis is a front-end web developer and UX designer from Berkshire, who has joined the Rewired State team as an intern. He has worked with large corporations, startups and individuals to create beautiful experiences for the browser. Kevin's interest in development really took off when he attended Young Rewired State 2011 and he has been part of the wider Rewired State community for the last three years.

Away from the keyboard, Kevin is an avid boardgamer (and is currently learning how to create his own), eater of jelly babies and player of the ocarina.


Ben Hayman

Ben is a computer science student at Warwick University and has joined the Young Rewired State team as an intern. He has attended the Festival of Code as both an attendee and as a centre lead for Nottingham.

When not studying, he is usually working on all aspects of web design and development for small businesses and freelance projects. Otherwise, you can usually find Ben somewhere in the UK or Germany, as a photographer or occasionally even a DJ.